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Shipping Policy

  1. Delivery Areas:

    - BhoGen currently offers delivery services within Gurugram region. Specific areas are covered for delivery as of now. You can check the same by entering your pin code on the website. We are continuously working to expand our delivery reach to serve more customers in different locations.

  2. Delivery Time Slots:

    - Customers can choose from available delivery time slots when placing their orders. We offer multiple time slots throughout the day to cater to various preferences and schedules.

  3. Delivery Charges:

    - Delivery charges apply only to Ala cart orders, and the amount for the same may vary based on the delivery location. Details about delivery charges will be provided at the checkout process.

  4. Estimated Delivery Time:

    - For Ala Carte Orders (2-Hour Delivery): We strive to deliver Ala Carte Orders within 2 hours from the time of order placement. However, delivery times may vary based on factors like order volume, traffic conditions, and preparation time.

    - For Ala Carte Pre-orders: Customers can schedule their desired delivery time when placing a pre-order. Orders will be delivered within the specified time slot.

    - For Subscription Plans: Subscription meals are delivered on the selected delivery days and time slots specified by the customer during subscription setup.

  5. Delivery Tracking:

    - You can track the status of your deliveries through our website. Real-time updates on order status, preparation, and delivery will be provided to keep customers informed about their order's progress.

  6. Delivery Tracking:

    - BhoGen takes utmost care in packaging meals to maintain their freshness and quality. We use food-safe packaging materials to ensure that meals arrive in perfect condition.

  7. Failed Deliveries:

    - In case a delivery attempt is unsuccessful due to reasons such as incorrect address or unavailability of the recipient, you will be notified, and our team will make a reasonable attempt to re-deliver the order. Additional delivery charges may apply in such cases.

  8. Customer Support:

    - For any delivery-related inquiries, issues, or concerns, you can reach out to our customer support team via phone (+91 9354735959) or email ([email protected]). We are committed to resolving any delivery-related queries promptly and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Please note that the above shipping policy is subject to change, and you are encouraged to refer to the most recent shipping policy available on our website or app for the most accurate and up-to-date information.